The didactic booklet that tells about the LIFETICINOBIOSOURCE project has finally arrived … and that will be distributed to all pupils of primary school classes who will participate in didactic activities in the classroom and on the territory.

A real story, conceived and developed by Debora Sala (naturalist and educator appointed by the Park), which in 100 pages narrates the adventures of a Ferruginous duck, a rare and precious duck for biodiversity in the Ticino Park, in the places that will be the subject of all LIFE redevelopment activities.

Through games and activities that focus heavily on lightness and playful aspects, children will be able to get to know, using an easy and immediate language modulated differently for the five classes, some important aspects for the safeguard and improvement of our territory.

Great space in the booklet is also left to the images and drawings, traced in an original way by Francesca Serafini, this to leave room also for the imagination of children.

Reading it, you will not only know the aspects related to LIFE, but you will also know the many other aspects (natural, historical and human) that make up the great puzzle of the Ticino Park.

A real flight to be carried out in the company of a Ferruginous duck, who together with them will discover all these things and that will give the kids, but also the teachers, ideas and topics, encouraged by the President Gian Pietro Beltrami and the Councilor Fabrizio Fracassi, to be able to find, alone and without forcing, thoughts and attentions towards a nature that needs more and more attention to be preserved for the new generations.

The hope is to leave a seed in the earth that can then germinate in full autonomy and that can then be fed by the action of the Park educators who will accompany the visiting classes, thus completing, through the eyes, a path that can only be indicate and not obligate to travel.

As mentioned, the booklet will be distributed to schools, but teachers and school managers, I can now learn more by visiting the LIFE TICINO BIOSOURCE website.

The activities foreseen by the project will start in the autumn and can be inserted very well in the school plans already provided by the school and by the teachers.

The supply of teaching aids (such as this booklet) and the payment of the educators will be fully charged to the LIFE project and at the end of the activity, scheduled for December 2020, the works of the children will be collected and a large party will be organized in which all classes will participate. An opportunity not to be missed …


To find out more, you can contact the project representatives immediately:

mail: – ​​

tel: 0297210204



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