The Life Project “Ticino Biosource”

The naturalness of an ecosystem could be measured by the presence of different habitats, flora and fauna: this expression, called biodiversity, is given by the richness of native species and habitats, their abundance and and their status of conservation.

The improvement of biodiversity in Ticino Park is the main aim of LIFE project “Ticino Biosource”.

Ticino river, with its habitats and species, represents a “source area” for the all Padana Plain, one of the most urbanized areas in Europe.

The Park, with its 120 km of lenght, links Lake Maggiore and the hills that are located at the feet of the Alps to the hearth of the Padana Plain, the Po river.

This makes Ticino being the most important ecological corridor between the Alps and the Apennines and between Continental and Mediterranean Ecoregions, followed by mammals, birds, fishes and butterflies during their migrations (e.g. migratory raptors and Passerines) or dispersions (e.g. Black Woodpecker, Goshawk, Crested Porcupine, Pine Marten).

Ferruginous Duck ANTONELLO TURRI
Ferruginous Duck ANTONELLO TURRI
Raganella – Foto Graia
Lycaena Dispar DEBORA SALA
Black-winged Stilt ANTONELLO TURRI
Huso Huso – Foto Angelo Miramonti
Storione Cobice Particolare Del Muso – Foto Graia

The target species

  • Ferruginous Duck(Aythya nyroca)
  • Great White Egret(Ardea alba)
  • Little Egret(Egretta garzetta)
  • Hen Harrier(Circus cyaneus)
  • Black-winged Stilt(Himantopus himantopus)
  • Little Bittern(Ixobrychus minutus)
  • Woodlark(Lullula arborea)
  • Kingfisher(Alcedo atthis)
  • Large Copper(Lycaena dispar)
  • Adriatic Sturgeon(Acipenser naccarii)
  • Beluga Sturgeon(Huso huso)
  • Ray-finned fish(Cobitis bilineata)
  • Lombardy Lamprey(Letentheron zanandreai)
  • European Bullhead(Cottus gobio)
  • Agile Frog(Rana dalmatina)
  • Italian Agile Frog (Rana latastei)
  • Tree Frog(Hyla arborea)

Areas of intervention

The areas of intervention are located in different sites in the territory of the Park and are the following ones:

  • Artificial basins of Arno strem in the municipality of Lonate Pozzolo, interested by the creation of floating islands with marsh vegetation, suitable as staging, foraging and breeding habitats for many species of aquatic birds, and by planting of bushes and trees along the edges of the basins;
  • Riparian forests and wetlands in the municipality of Bernate Ticino, interested by the restoration of deteriorated areas and the creation of natural forest and aquatic habitats;
  • the Delizia branch (in the municipality of Magenta), the Morto branch (in the municipality of Turbigo), the Gravellone Vecchio (in the municipality of Pavia) and the “maresco” di Villa Reale(in the municipality of Vigevano) will be interestd by interventions of restorations of the springs (in italian “fontanili”) that feed these aquatic habitats; the interventions aim to enhance the suitability of the sites for amphibians and fishes;
  • the site “i Geraci” (in the municipality of Motta Visconti) will be interested by the restoration and creation of wetlands, wet and dry woodlands, wet meadows and dry grasslands, suitable habitats for many species of migrating, wintering and breeding birds. It will be created as well a birdwatching hide and a naturalistic trail.

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