The locally called “marcite” are lowland wet meadows flooded in winter which are safeguarded by the Park as heritage and will be manage within actions of LIFE Ticino Biosource in favour of species of conservation interest.

These meadows are important for biodiversity, in particular for birds of conservation interest that use these habitats as foraging and breeding sites.

Some of these “marcite” were created in the Middle Age, when local people invented a way of managing a meadow producing 7-9 cuts a year taking the meadow submerged in the cold season, avoiding it to froze and allowing vegetation to grow.

Find below a video on the training course promoted by the LIFE Ticino Biosource and some interesting videos explaining the importance of marcite” for the territory!

Handling the Shovel

HANDLING THE SHOVEL from Marco Tessaro on Vimeo.

Marcita landscapes “Environment and Biodiversity”

Marcite landscapes “From the ground to milk”

Marcita landscapes “Recent History”

Marcita landscapes “Watermen tell their story”

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