Life Ticino Biosource protagonist of the reappearance of the sturgeon – Press conference

Today, Monday 21 October, at 11.30 in the “Events” Hall of Palazzo Pirelli in Milan, the press conference will be held “Sturgeons return to the Adriatic thanks to LIFE, the Ticino Park and the Lombardy Region”.   LIFE Ticino Biosource, together with LIFE Con.Flu.Po., is a major player in this venture; in fact, after decades of absence, it is confirmed that the sturgeons released in the Ticino river with LIFE projects are returning to repopulate the Adriatic Sea.

We are obviously talking about Accipenser naccarii (cobice sturgeon) and Huso huso (Ladan sturgeon) bred in the first place by the Ticino Park and then freed in the homonymous river.

All this obviously would not have been possible if not thanks to the actions of LIFE Con.Flu.Po., which made the passage to Isola Serafini viable again and reconnecting the two branches of the Po in 2017, thus strengthening the recolonization of the species.

The speakers will be:

  • Fabio Rolfi, Councilor for Agriculture, Food and Green Systems of the Lombardy Region;
  • Cristina Chiappa, Vice President of Ticino Park;
  • Cristina Barbieri, Life Ticino Biosource Project Manager;
  • Cesare Puzzi, Graia Manager, Life Ticino Biosource monitoring coordinator;
  • Franco Mari, Life Conflupo Project manager.

These and many other details regarding these two projects will be provided during the press conference available at the following link:

Facebook page:


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