Huso Huso: repopulation in Ticino river starts again from Pavia

This is a great return for Huso huso in the Ticino and Po basin, once protagonist of our rivers and for over 30 years considered extinct.

Today, 60 sub-adults, that were at the semi-natural tanks in Cassolnovo since 2015, owned by the Ticino Park, will be released in the Ticino waters in Pavia.

Individuals were marked with an ultrasound transmitter implanted in the abdominal cavity, so as to follow their movements by hydrophone.

The coming months will see the technicians of the Parco del Ticino very busy to carry out the research and control activities of the marked fish, so as to record their movements, preferred areas and environments in such a way as to implement, in the future, new actions to protect this species.

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