C4 – Management of lowland wet meadows in favoiur of birds and butterflies of conservation interest – IN PROGRESS


With determines n. 506 of 10/12/2020, the agricultural companies have started the iemale submersion of the meadows for this fourth year of extension. At the beginning of November, all those companies that signed the agreement for the previous year 2019/2020 and therefore deemed suitable were requested to be submersible. All companies have given availability, except two. The surface of the latter has been “acquired” by another company (Baroni family) which has made itself available to undertake the commitment of winter submersion. The surface of water meadows, subject to an agreement with the companies, for the 2020/2021 is about 57 ha. In these days at the end of the year, heavy snowfalls are in progress that will put a strain on the Park’s birds. In meteorological conditions like this, it is noted that the role of submerged water meadows becomes particularly decisive as a habitat for refuge and food for birds.


The submersion of the marcite began in late November and for the wet meadows and their submersion, the action will end in autumn 2020.


The call for the autumn submersion has been re-opened to reach the 15 hectares foreseen. The results in terms of surface have been achieved, but it should be noted that the particular climatic situation of the month of September (particularly hot and dry month) did not allow the submersion of some surfaces. We plan to recover with the activation of the submersion of the spring period, a period that may favor the stay in the spring migration period.


The Ticino Park is responsible for the action in collaboration with FLA for scientific content. In November 2017, following a public call, n. 11 companies for a total of 61ha of abandoned marcite, for the recovery activity through iemale submersion. The management of the marcite, in particular the controls of the submersions and the reorganization of the marcite are in progress. Every march conducted with a LIFE agreement between the company and the Park is regularly monitored. The submersion will also continue for the 2018-2019 vintage starting in November.

For the construction of the wet autumn meadow, following public selection, no. 6 companies, with which the Park has signed the respective agreements. The area concerned is approximately 13 ha. It is an innovative activity. Activities are being monitored.


The action, which began in January 2017, has the strategic objective of managing wetlands in favor of species of conservation interest. It is expected to create about 60 hectares of wet lowland meadows flooded in winter (locally called “marcite”) and about 15 hectares of wet lowland meadows flooded in autumn.

The Ticino Park is responsible for the concrete execution of the actions, supported by FLA in the scientific contents.

In August and September 2017 the call for companies with marcite was published, in November 2017 the ranking was published which led to the admission of 11 companies with allowed marcite and 3 companies with campari for a total of 61 ha of marcite abandoned recovered to the submerged iemale.

The management of the marcite and in particular the controls of the submersions and the reorganization of the marcite for the resumption of the submersions are in progress. Every march conducted with a LIFE agreement between the company and the Park is monitored. Some farmers, urged by the Park, continued the submersions even after mid-February, therefore beyond the mandatory commitment, thus helping to provide support to the bird populations put to the test by the sudden frosts of late February and early March. Inspections are underway to monitor the situation both from an agronomic point of view and above all for the effects on birds. On 2 February, a television broadcast was made at some of the Marcite in Bernate Ticino, as part of the episode of “Green Line goes to town” broadcast on RAI 1 on 17 February.

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