A5 – Consultations for the creation of a task force to protect Acipenser naccarii spawning site – CONCLUDED


In June 2017 the task force for the defense of the reproductive sites of Acipenser naccarii was formally established.


The creation of the project task force began in January 2017 with the training of volunteer staff. On the occasion of the first lesson, the Life Ticino Biosource project was presented in detail, with particular regard to the ichthyological aspects.

A citizen awareness and involvement strategy took place through public meetings in January, February, March, April 2017 where the issues of: project organization, partners, funding, role of the EU were addressed; project target; project area and intervention sites; project goal; Park environments concerned; structure of Life-Nature projects and project actions; description of some habitat requalification and species protection activities; importance of the monitoring actions of the actions described. The action was completed with the signing of an agreement with ASD provincial section of Pavia-FIPSAS.

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