D7 – Monitoring the efficacy of action C8 – CONCLUDED


The activities ended on 31/10/2020 and the final reports are being prepared.


Sub-adult specimens of sturgeons marked with ultra-sound transmitters and young specimens marked with PIT-tags were released.

The first biotelemetry activities were conducted to control the movements of the sturgeons marked with the transmitter, a total of 30 fish with the transmitter were marked and 19 were released. 12 specimens were intercepted in Ticino and the Po during the activities. In addition, 431 young individuals were micro-chipped and 289 released into the river.


In this second year of work, monitoring continued on the state of well-being of sturgeons housed and increased in the Park’s breeding environments. On the stock of animals already present in the Cassolnovo tanks (60 specimens), a control campaign was carried out in November 2018.

In May 2018, biometric measurements were detected and the microchip was inserted to all 80 2+ sturgeons purchased under Action C7 a few days before.

It is expected that in December 2018 or at the latest in January 2019 the 60 largest sturgeons present in the Cassolnovo tanks will also be marked with an ultrasound transmitter.


The action launched in January 2017 was launched on the sturgeons already present at the Cassolnovo tanks: fifty specimens between 80 and 130 cm long, housed in the tanks since 2015, whose general state of health is periodically checked and biometric length-weight data are collected. All specimens are marked with a microchip and therefore the detection of the animal’s state of well-being is performed on the individual. The general state of the stock is also under close monitoring by the Park staff and voluntary staff responsible for procuring the sturgeon stocks housed in the breeding tanks. Information gathering activities on the different marking methods and biotelemetry on H. huso, on the techniques tested and their effectiveness and monitoring of H. huso breeding have been carried out so far.

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