D3 – Monitoring the efficacy of action C3 – CONCLUDED


The activity ended regularly on 31/10/2020. The data collected made it possible to recognize a good fish community. Technical reports are being drafted.


The first ante-operam and post-operam campaigns for fish and amphibians were conducted in the bodies of water affected by the restoration work of action C3 and C1 for the Canale Canalino.

The campaigns focused on 3 target species: Hyla intermedia, Rana dalmatina and Rana latastei; specifically in post-operam campaigns the only site where amphibians were found is that of Maresco di Villa Reale.

As regards fish, ecological restoration interventions were carried out in the post-operam campaigns in the Canale Canalini as part of the C1 action and 11 species were found, no target. In Roggia Bredna and Maresco di Villa Reale 3 native but non-target species have been found. The 3 target species as well as 16 fish species were found in the Delizia branch. Cottus gobio has been identified in the Dead Branch.

The second post-operam campaign will be implemented in Spring 2020.


In this second year of monitoring, the ante-operam monitoring of the amphibians at the project sites for action C3 was carried out. The monitoring, performed on two occasions in March 2018 and April 2018, revealed the following attendances:

  • Maresco di Villa Reale: presence of active reproduction of frog (probably green frog, having been found a sheepfold and, in the vicinity, in the two campaigns created, a young specimen and at least 3 adult specimens of green frog);
  • Delizia branch, Ramo Morto, Canale Gravellone: ​​no trace or presence of amphibians was detected in both campaigns.

The ante-operam framework is now complete. In the third year, the post-operam monitoring campaign will be launched. There are no particular difficulties for the execution of the action.

The target species are: Lethenteron zanandreai, Cottus gobio, Sabanejewia larvata, Rana latastei, Rana dalmatina, Hyla arborea.


The action began regularly in January 2017 with the first collection of information already available on the fish fauna of the waterways subject to intervention with Action C3. In February 2018, monitoring actions were carried out on the presence and reproductive activity of amphibians and fish, on the environmental and chemical-physical quality of the aquatic ecosystems, on the availability of macrobenthos, in the Maresco sites of Villa Reale, Dead Branch, Delizia Ramo and Old Gravellone canal. An ante-operam monitoring campaign to be carried out in the field is being planned for spring.

Target species: Lethenteron zanandreai, Cottus gobio, Sabanejewia larvata, Rana latastei, Rana dalmatina, Hyla arborea.

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